Sunday, March 05, 2006

OA @ BCLA Conference (a speaker's plug)

Brian Owen (Simon Fraser University Library), Andrew Waller (University of Calgary Library) and myself (a research librarian at Canada Border Services Agency) will be talking about open access at the BCLA Conference "Sharing a Vision: The Power of Collaboration", in Burnaby, BC (April 20-22, 2006).

Our session, called "Open Access: Three Perspectives", will focus on three aspects of OA -- the library as publisher, the librarian as archivist, and the role of open access in the careers of upcoming professionals. We'll try to make it informative, interesting, and entertaining. We really hope you can join us (but we'll understand if you can't).

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Heather Morrison said...

Thanks, Lesley - I'll be there for sure!

More reasons for OA Librarians to attend BCLA:

BCLA is recognised on Peter Suber's Open Access Timeline as one of the first library associations to pass a Resolution on Open Access.

BCLA is working in cooperation with E-LIS as the archive for speakers' presentations.

Join me & Olivier Charbonneau for an OA-related session, Creating the Digital Commons - or Kim Lawson and others for a session on the Our Homes are Bleeding Digital Collection.

Thanks to Corey Davis, Chair of BCLA's Academic Librarians in Public Service, for convening the OA session by Brian, Lesley & Andrew.