Wednesday, July 12, 2006

OA in the U.S. / Honorary OA Librarian of the Day

New in E-LIS: Peter Suber's Open Access in the United States, in Jacobs, Neil, Eds. Open Access: Key strategic, technical and economic aspects. Chandos Publishing. Peter hints at a long and in-depth leadership history of the U.S. in open access, beginning with Arpanet in 1965, but focuses on a more thorough treatment of the current top 10 U.S. OA initiatives. Worth reading! Let's all hope someday Peter has the time to complete this history...maybe after 100% OA implementation?

If you haven't checked out Open Access News yet today, please note, today's OA News is very highly recommended for OA Librarian types, with no less than 3 librarian-related news items - at least, so far! Peter Suber is hereby recognized as Honorary OA Librarian of the Day.

The librarian items of the day are:
Library Groups Support EC report OA Recommendations

Looking for OA Library Journals

Notes on the LITA Preconference

Thanks, Peter!

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