Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Great Idea # 1 from Charleston: Institutional Repositories

Anthony Ferguson of Hong Kong University, one of the plenary speakers from the final day of the recent Charleston conference, presented his top 10 great ideas to take away and present at home as if they were his own. # 1 on Tony's list? Institutional repositories. Specifically, collaborative institutional repositories, or, a single IR for Hong Kong's 8 universities.

Hong Kong should unite with China's open access movement to require the results of all research supported by either government to be self-archived. One thing to stress with the Hong Kong government is that IR's will not only facilitate the sharing of research information between scholars, but also with the public, who have no access to research journals.

Other great ideas:
#2: hand held devices - not ideal.
#3: incorporate web 2.0 into our integrated library systems
#4: get our library stuff in our students' path
#5: redesign our library web page
#6: publicly available rights management database for e-book collections
#7: make porting library content to course management systems a #1 priority
#8: don't forget the importance of books!
#9: datasets: we need to recruit or reassing an existing staff member to work with datasets
#10: get publishers to sponsor scholarly brain tunes

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