Thursday, December 21, 2006

British Medical Journal & Open Access

At least two articles that discuss open access (or touch on related issues, such as Web 2.0) are featured in this week's British Medical Journal. The first, authored by John Wilbanks, Executive Director of MIT's Science Commons Project, discusses open access and freely-available open source software in science; the second is an article that I wrote about Web 2.0 but whose main ideas are inspired by open access. I'd like to thank my LIBR534 students (and my colleague Greg Rowell) for helping me understand the synergy created by open access and Web 2.0. Merry Xmas, Dean

Another reason for opening access to research - John Wilbanks.

How Web 2.0 is Changing Medicine: Is a Medical Wikipedia the next step? - Dean Giustini


Richard said...

Dean, I am passing your "How Web 2.0" article to our medical specialty librarian.
In the comment by Hope Leman, she says:
" I use free Web 2.0 tools daily to turn Word documents into PDFs and to send large files via Dropload...."

I will find Dropload, but what is the free web tool that can turn Word Docs into a pdf.?

Dean Giustini said...

Hi Richard,
I use Neevia express to convert word documents into pdfs - but the Web has others, too.

Hope said...

Hi, guys. The tools I use to turn Word documents into PDFs are PDF Online:

and Media Convert: