Sunday, August 12, 2007

Oxford adjusts open access pricing adjustments

I saw this first on the liblicense-l list on the afternoon of August 12 (it hadn't appeared in the liblicense-l archives as of writing - OUP announced that some of the 2008 prices for the journals with "Oxford Open" content have been amended; corporate rates were presented instead of academic ones. I gave the new list ( a once-over and I can't see too much difference between the revised rates and the previously-posted numbers though I may be missing something (others may be better able to pick out any notable variances; let me know if you see anything). Anyway, it's still a very good thing that the submission fees collected via the Oxford Open program are being taken into account in subscription pricing. OUP is certainly one of the earliest publishers to do this, if not the only one so far; I hope others will follow suit soon. Maybe we'll see more of this as 2008 subscription prices are released in the next few months?

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