Friday, September 28, 2007

A role for librarians in cyberinfrastructure

The UN National Science Foundation's Office of Cyberinsfrastructure has issued a call for proposals for a Sustainable Digital Data Preservation and Access Network Partners (DataNet)

From the proposal:

The new types of organizations envisioned in this solicitation will integrate library and archival sciences, cyberinfrastructure, computer and information sciences, and domain science expertise to:

* provide reliable digital preservation, access, integration, and analysis capabilities for science and/or engineering data over a decades-long timeline;
* continuously anticipate and adapt to changes in technologies and in user needs and expectations;
* engage at the frontiers of computer and information science and cyberinfrastructure with research and development to drive the leading edge forward; and
* serve as component elements of an interoperable data preservation and access network.

Hat tip to Glen Newton at zzzoot

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