Sunday, April 09, 2006


This week in E-LIS: two new submissions on OA, and a brand new Greek interface!

Antelman, Kristin (2006) Self-archiving practice and the influence of publisher policies in the social sciences. Learned Publishing 19(2):pp. 85-95.

Bauer, Bruno (2005) Open Access Publishing - Trends in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz : Initiativen, Projekte, Stellenwert. Delivered at ODOK '05 : 11. Österreichisches Online-Informationstreffen ; 12. Österreichischer Dokumentartag : "Zugang zum Fachwissen", Bozen: Freie Universität Bozen. Presentation.

Many thanks to the Greece E-LIS team for the E-LIS Greek Interface. Some of the E-LIS main pages have also been translated into Italian, Spanish, and Turkish.

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