Monday, April 03, 2006

Is hiring Davidoff as Interim Editor CMAJ's last chance?

Despite an almost inexplicable series of gaffes since January 2006, emeritus editor of the Annals of Interal Medicine Dr. Frank Davidoff has agreed to serve as the Canadian Medical Association Journals' Interim Editor, according to this Canadian Press article.

Some may view Davidoff's appointment as a positive sign for the beleaguered Canadian journal, but the CMAJ is not out of the woods by a longshot. In fact, a panel led by Antonio Lamer, a retired chief justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, is studying the issue of the strained relationship between the CMAJ and the CMA and will make recommendations regarding a new governance structure in late June.

In the meantime, one question arises: is all of this too little, too late? Reputations are hard to build, and even harder to restore.

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Heather Morrison said...

Good lesson here for new OA journals - let's make that intellectual freedom policy a priority!