Saturday, May 27, 2006

Free College English and Organic Chemistry Resources

Free College English Resources are available, thanks to Beth Ritter-Guth at Lehigh Carbon Community College.

Why? Beth says: "I teach English at a community college in Eastern Pennsylvania, USA. I am opening the doors of all of my English courses in hopes that people from developing countries can use the materials to teach English". Thanks, Beth!

Beth's group participates as a Writing Partner in Useful Chemistry, an open-source approach to science developed by Jean-Claude Bradley of Drexel University. This open -source approach involves sharing not only information, but opportunities to participate in research through blogging experiments and the use of wikis. The writing partners help to make science information more accessible by writing science information in a way that can be understood by those without research-level expertise.

Jean-Claude Bradley's group makes available free Organic Chemistry Resources. There are links to other free chemistry resources too - at the University of Alberta, MIT, and CU Boulder.

This open source approach to science is one of the interest areas of Chemists Without Borders. When your aim is education and development around the world - open access, and open source, just makes sense!


Jean-Claude Bradley said...

Heather - our UsefulChem Writing Partners blog can be found here. Beth's students are trying to understand the chemistry work that we do in non-scientific terms and make this interpretation public

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Dapper Fellow said...

These are great resources for my students earning online degrees, and I plan to use them soon in a lesson.

Dapper Fellow