Thursday, May 25, 2006

"Sponsored Articles" in Elsevier Journals

First thing this morning (Thursday, May 25, 2006) I came across a posting to the liblicense-l list from Tony McSean and Daviess Menefee from Elsevier with the subject "Sponsored Articles In Elsevier Journals". The gist of this post is that, starting this month, Elsevier will allow authors of articles that have been accepted to six physics journals to make their articles accessible to non-subscribers for a "sponsorship" fee of $3,000. The journals involved are:

Nuclear Physics A
Nuclear Physics B
Nuclear Physics B Proceedings Supplements
Nuclear Instruments and Methods A
Physics Letters B
Astroparticle Physics

Over the next two months, 30 more Elsevier journals from other subject areas will also start to offer this option.

The fee does not include other possible charges such as colour costs and taxes.

I figured that something would be coming from Elsevier sooner or later. It's very interesting that the terms "open access" and "OA" are never mentioned in the posting. Thoughts on this anyone?

There is more information about the sponsored articles option on the journal homepages which can be accessed via; a search using the term "sponsored articles" will pull these up. Supposedly, there is also information on the Elsevier author gateway site but I couldn't find anything there (yet); I suspect that it will appear soon.

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