Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Open Access Movement and Information for Development

Papers and summary reports from the Open Access Movement and Information for Development online discussion forum coordinated by Sue Adams of the Coady International Institute are now available online and open access.


Heather Morrison, Canada. Open Access for Librarians in Developing Countries.

Lydia Anjiah, East Africa. Open Access: Is it a Futile Option for Developing Countries?

Olutoyin Meijiuni, Nigeria. Open Access, Adult Education and Development in Nigeria.

Batchuluun Yembu, Mongolia. Open and Distance Education in Mongolia: Possible Relevance of Open Access.

Arlene Whetter, Vietnam. Open Access and Information for Development in Vietnam.

DidiBahini Youth Forum, Nepal. The "Open Access" (OA) Movement and Information for Development.

Sabina Iseli-Otto, Canada. Open Access and Information for Development: Summary of Online Discussion Messages.

Translations into local languages are welcome.

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