Monday, June 19, 2006

Open Access Presentation at the Canadian Library Association

Newly self-archived in E-LIS!

Morrison, Heather and Waller, Andrew and Vézina, Kumiko (2006) Open Access: Policy, Academic, and University Perspectives. Delivered at Canadian Library Association Conference 2006, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada).

It was my very great pleasure to be a part of this panel of passionate librarian open access advocates at the Canadian Library Association last week!

I presented an update on open access policy developments and talked about why it is funding agencies are so fond of open access; Andrew Waller talked about university libraries' questions and thoughts about the economics of switching to open access; and Kumiko Vézina presented some data from her recently-completed research with faculty members at 6 major Québec Universities. A couple of highlights: Kumiko's findings on the % of faculty who are willing to self-archive are almost the same as those reported by Swan and Brown. It came as a bit of a surprise that 27% of faculty reported that they have already published in an open access journal - more than any of us had thought, but less than any of us would like to see, of course!

The very best part came at the end of the session - the questions, both at the presentation and afterwards - about how to find open access resources, where to publish open access, how to become an open access advocate.

Open Access presenters, here is a tip: be sure to keep up with Peter Suber's Open Access News, right up to presentation time! There were no less than 3 items that morning that we needed to fit in....

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