Friday, September 01, 2006

Open Access to Policy Poster Sessions

** as posted to Canadian listservs **

CLA's Information Policy Working Group, part of the CLA Standing Committee on Intellectual Property and Public Access, sponsored a Student Poster Session at CLA 2006, with exciting and informative results!

The student poster sessions are now available in E-LIS, the Open Archive for Library and Information Studies, along with open access sessions at CLA 2006, at:

Congratulations and thanks to poster developers and presenters Martin Dowding, Frederic Murray, Jeremiah Saunders, Robin Featherstone, David Ley, Heather McKend, Iva Seto, and Catherine Sinnott. For those involved in LIS Education - whether as teachers or students - it's not too soon to start thinking about the 2007 posters!


Heather Morrison
Member, CLA Information Policy Working Group

Member, CLA Information Commons Interest Group
Chief E-LIS Editor, Canada

Heather's comment: many thanks to all the students for sharing their work as open access, and to E-LIS for providing a venue to distribute information on these important policy topics (privacy, freedom of information, media and trade policy, info policy and public health, and intellectual property and genetically modified foods.

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