Friday, September 01, 2006

Open-models for exchange of library research

Web 2.0 has provided librarians with collaborative technologies to improve the exchange and uptake of our own research.

To that end, we have started a wiki for LIBR534. I envision it as a knowledge-base for library school students, librarians and faculty interested in health information sources and services.

Here is UBC HealthLib-Wiki -

I have loaded the shell only - think of it as a strong hull. I am working out details of the editing policy, and my formation of the Gentlemen's Wiki Administrative Club, of which I will be the cruise director. Think 21st Century on the SS Normandie.

We will customize the wiki logo, top left - soon. If you have an idea for a cool logo, let me know. Jeremiah came up with a caduceus logo, with headphones - love that. In the meantime, browse around - introduction, editing policies, etc are falling into place. - Dean

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