Friday, October 13, 2006

Creating New Publishing Channels Is Our Future

I've been eerily silent recently on OA Librarian because I'm teaching, taking two courses and holding down a full-time job. (Oh, yeah, and blogging AND wiki'ing. Am I crazy?) But I've been thinking of starting a new blog as a step beyond informing other librarians about open access. Don't know what I'd call it but I'd like it to be a completely new idea about librarians' direct involvement in publishing.

Remember the CMAJ scandal early in 2006? I've been working with a new editorial team on a new journal in Canadian medicine, called OpenMedicine. We're working with web designers on a new look, a new branding.

Librarians must move beyond informing each other and their users about open access (OA), I believe, to creating new forms of information dissemination, working closely with scholars and researchers and partnering on wikis, blikis and blogs. Oh, yes, and if you have time - why not start your own Open Access Journal?

I'll keep you posted on our launch date, early 2007.


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