Friday, October 05, 2007

More Journals Added to T & F's iOpenAccess Hybird OA Program

Almost one year ago exactly, I posted information on OA Librarian about Taylor & Francis' just-announced hybrid OA program, iOpenAccess (Still More Hybrid Journal Programs: T & F and RSC, October 3, 2006). At that time, the OA option applied to 175 titles in the T & F suite with a submission fee of $3100 US. T & F announced yesterday that a further 31 journals in environmental sciences, agricultural sciences, behavioural sciences, and development studies have been added to iOpenAccess. A few notes:
  • The submission fee is still the highest for hybrid programs, I believe (Springer is next highest at $3000 US, I think). I suspect that this is a barrier for some submitters but the final word is not in (iOpenAccess program is a pilot project).
  • In early 2008, T & F will be assessing the subscription costs for the first group of journals participating in the program. The result of this assessment will be interesting to see. I'm hoping for some decrease in prices but, even if this is the case, any price drops won't take effect until the 2009 subscription (libraries are paying for the 2008 subscription year right now).
  • T & F is looking to increase the number of journals in iOpenAccess and to move into other subject areas.
The website for the announcement is

The list of journals participating in iOpenAccess is

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