Sunday, January 22, 2006

The author, the repository and the signature: OA promotional tip

Paula Callan, Queensland University of Technology E-Prints Coordinator, said on the Am. Sci. Forum this week: "I always suggest that they embed the URL for their "personal eprint page" into their email signature as this will quietly promote their publications with every email they send." What a good idea! I love being able to quickly point people to collections of my publications and presentations, such as Heather's E-LIS, or Heather's SFU D-Space. This is useful not only for one's e-mail signature, but also as a link in one's scholarly blog or website, such as my own Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics.

This is one of several very helpful messages on promoting IRs this week on the American Scientist Open Access Forum - all by librarians, naturally - QUT's Paula Callan and CERN's Joanne Yeomans. Look for the thread: Learning from the Successful OA IRs in the Am. Sci. archives.

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