Friday, January 06, 2006

Funding our Digitial Future

Binghamton University Libraries' presents Funding Our Digital Future: Budgeting for Libraries & Scholarly Communication on March 20-21, 2006 at Binghamton University's campus.

The purpose of the symposium will be:

To explore the challenges of library resource allocation in the digital age. To create a flexible resource allocation process to respond to changing research and curricular needs of faculty and students, to address the increasing interdisciplinary nature of teaching and research, and to involve the university community in an ongoing dialogue with the University Libraries in this process. To address the broad issues of the changing nature of scholarship in the digital age; both the production of scholarly information and the communication of scholarship within the academic community (e.g. the open-access initiative and its funding model implications for libraries and universities) and how these impact the challenges facing libraries in collection resource management and the strategies used to address these challenges.
There is no registration fee.

Thanks to Kathryn Kowalczik of Bingham University on ERIL-L

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