Monday, August 14, 2006

Another hybrid OA journal program: Cambridge Open Option

On the heels of the Wiley announcement about their New Funded Access Service (see my August 8 post) and a similar announcement from BMJ (see the separate post that follows about this), Cambridge UniversityPress has announced that they too are establishing a hybrid OA option. As with the offerings from other publishers, authors who have had articles accepted for publication in certain Cambridge journals can opt to make their articles openly accessible for a charge of $2700 US or 1500 pounds. The journals included in this program are:

Cardiology in the young
Development and psychopathology
Epidemiology and infection
Experimental agriculture
Expert reviews in molecular medicine
Genetical research
Geological magazine
Journal of agricultural science
Journal of plasma physics
Journal of tropical ecology
Laser and particle beams
Psychological medicine
Visual neuroscience

A couple of interesting notes about the Cambridge Open Option:

1) Unlike the announcements from Elsevier and Wiley about their hybrid OA options, the Cambridge announcement actually uses the term "open access" a few times.

2) Unless I've missed something, this is the first announcement of this nature that has included mention of adjusting the subscription costs for hybrid OA journals. This is nice to see:

"It is anticipated that the subscription prices of the participating journals will be adjusted in the future to take into account the impact of the Open Access publishing model. The level of change will depend on the uptake of the Cambridge Open Option by authors. Any subscription price
changes will occur on a title by title basis."

I haven't been able to find a web page for the Cambridge Open Option but the press release is making the rounds on lists (I saw it on the American Scientist Open Access Forum) plus Peter Suber has blogged the news as well.

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Maggie Freed said...

At least 4 other publishers HAVE mentioned adjusting subscription prices.

"When calculating subscription prices we plan to only take into account content published under the subscription model. We do not plan to charge subscribers for author sponsored content." --

(Also Blackwell, Oxford, and Springer have similar statements)