Sunday, August 20, 2006

When you are at home in a library, you can learn anything

The title of this post is from an open access Library Reports assignment - written by none other than open access advocate Peter Suber! This is an assignment that I think many librarians will enjoy, which talks about using libraries throughout the semester, with aims like getting comfortable with the library.

For some other interesting ideas of Peter's, listen to the podcast interview of Peter Suber with John Udell - the basics of open access are covered by those who need them, but also topics like blogging and open access. Oh, and libraries and librarians are mentioned several times, too. Well worth listening to, even for those with some expertise on OA. Details and the links can be found on Open Access News.

This post reflects my personal opinion only and does not represent the opinions or policy of the BC Electronic Library Network or the Simon Fraser University Library.

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Andrew Waller said...

I just listened to the John Udell interview with Peter Suber and very much enjoyed it. It seemed like the sort of thing that both OA experts and OA neophytes can take something from. Udell and Suber delve into the world of blogs a fair amount but I still found this to be an interesting sidetrack.