Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Open Access in Poland

New in E-LIS: Librarian Bozena Badnarek-Michalska discusses the state of open access in Poland: basically, like many other countries, struggling between a new opened attitude and a lack of education and financial commitment (at least, so far). One of the most successful projects to date is the Wielkopolska Digital Library, based on a work of a group of determined librarians (from both scientific and public libraries), information technologists and scientists from Poznan.

Bednarek-Michalska, Bozena (2005) Free Access to Information and Knowledge or Educational Exclusion? World’s Trends versus Poland. Bulletin EBIB 63(2).

Thanks to Imma Subbirats.

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Bozena Michalska said...

From the September we have another good digital project in Poland, Torun See here:
Kujawsko Pomorska Digital Library
we have got money from UE and just finished first fase of building it
I hope that now there will be in Poland a lot of new digital libraries, because there are more money for that and we have a very good and cheap Polish software.