Thursday, December 01, 2005

SPARC launches Open Access Programs website

Here's a very interesting (and particularly relevant for academic librarians) posting that appeared on Peter Suber's Open Access News blog today:

SPARC has launched Open Access Programs, "[a] resource for librarians and administrators creating events to promote open access among faculty members." From the site:

[T]his Web site will include details of conferences, seminars, brown-bag lunches, faculty meeting presentations, mailings, and every other form of outreach that you or your colleagues have found successful - or not. Your willingness to share what you have learned in creating educational programs will be a great help to other universities as they traverse the planning process. In addition to giving you the chance to review what others are up to, this site will ask you some basic questions about your Institutional Repository (IR) and any open access programs you have put in place. We invite you to contribute as much additional information as you like. The richer the detail, the easier it will be for others to build on your successes....[Y]ou may come back to edit it at any time.

(Peter adds: A great idea, long needed. Visit the site for helpful ideas and help others by adding your own ideas and experience.)

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