Saturday, December 17, 2005

Imma Subirats Coll

Imagine training and coordinating the efforts of an all-volunteer editorial team for an open archives, consisting of over 60 editors from 40 countries, managing documents in over 20 languages, in addition to being the editor for Spain. This is just one of the volunteer tasks that E-LIS Founder and Coordinator Imma Subirats Coll has taken on. Imma is also a member of the DoIS, or Documents in Information Science, team.

A 2001 grad from the Faculty of Information Science of the University of Barcelona, Imma works as a Librarian for the Government of Catalonia. In addition to her work on E-LIS and DoIS, Imma has also published a number of journal articles, conference presentations and poster sessions, and given invited talks; all self-archived, of course. A list of Imma’s works can be found at - or, try a search in E-LIS or DoIS. For anyone interested in the history of library and science e-print archives, De Robbio, Antonella and Subirats Coll, Imma (2005) E-LIS : an international open archive towards building open digital libraries. High Energy Physics Libraries Webzine(11/2005), is a good place to start.

I first met Imma at the First Workshop on E-Prints on Library and Information Science, October 22, 2005, at CERN, where she presented a session on managing the expansion of E-LIS. As a new E-LIS Editor for Canada, I can vouch for Imma’s patience with training and welcoming the new editors!

A few open access advocates have been described as “tireless”, and this adjective certainly fits Imma, too. For everything that you do, Imma – thank you.
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