Thursday, March 15, 2007

"Doing Good, Doing Well" John Willinsky

New course at UBC that might be of interest to OA Librarians:

LLED 565A - Section 951 - 3 credits
Developments in Scholarly Publishing: Doing Good and Doing Well
Instructor: John Willinsky> >Term 2 - July 3 to 16

1. Origins of scholarly publishing (E Eisenstein, A Johns, JW)
2. Copyright, patents and ownership (Y Benkler)
3. Open science, open data, open source (PA David)
4. Journal publishing and scholarly societies (T Bergstrom)
5. Peer review, traditional and open (medical studies)
6. Archival projects and research sites (J McGann)
7. New roles and expectations for libraries (R Crow)
8. Indexes, searching, and citation (E Garfield)
9. Scholarly blogging, wikis, podcasts, and ebooks
10. PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference (3 sessions: 10 hours)
11. Postcolonial knowledge circulation (Altbach; JW)

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Heather Morrison said...

Looks awesome! Kudos to John Willinsky for developing this course.
More information about the PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference (attendance is part of this course) is available at: