Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Flickr as source of OA material

When I saw the link to this in, it struck me that this is OA on the real cheap.

The link describes what the author calls the weirdest book in the world, the CODEX SERAPHINIANUS

is the link to the entire book in a flickr set.
I use my flickr account to document mountain biking rides, putting an entire book online for semi-free has never occurred to me....

I say semi-free because flickr only shows the medium size in the open display. When I login to my Pro account, I can view all sizes including the original at 2400 pixels largest dimension.

Is this kind of do it yourself digitization a trend?

The size of this and its uniqueness might make it a one-off. But consider other useful works that could be done by people who have the time and now thanks to flickr, the server space.

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