Thursday, March 29, 2007

Vectors: Journal of culture and techology in a dynamic vernacular.

I write Journal because I'm not sure what else to call it. They use the term but it is a journal that will not publish anything that could be published on paper.

It's at

From their About:
Vectors maps the multiple contours of daily life in an unevenly digital era, crystallizing around themes that highlight the social, political, and cultural stakes of our increasingly technologically-mediated existence. As such, the journal speaks both implicitly and explicitly to key debates across varied disciplines, including issues of globalization, mobility, power, and access.

And farther down the same page:
Vectors features submissions and specially-commissioned works comprised of moving- and still-images; voice, music, and sound; computational and interactive structures; social software; and much more. Vectors doesn't seek to replace text; instead, we encourage a fusion of old and new media in order to foster ways of knowing and seeing that expand the rigid text-based paradigms of traditional scholarship. Simply put, we publish only works that need, for whatever reason, to exist in multimedia.

The things I looked at needed Flash 7, other Projects could require more but they all seem to use OS software in the creation.
This is high level work, most of it way over my head. I can just imagine helping a student who has a MLA citation question from a Vectors project.

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